That's it.

That's it.


Anxiety fills my stomach. I feel incredibly low. Thoughts rush through my head faster than I can understand them. Our home is leaving us in THEIR hands. Now I want to eat, I want to drink, I want to walk, I want to photograph, to document, to study, to curate, to manufacture, to consume, to sign, to petition, to donate.

I positively hope truly the right thing will be done.

Change is all around us and completely still when we need it the most. We are the change. Act when the feeling is there.

Be vulnerable. Talk about the feelings. Listen without judging yourself or others. If they feel, they are and they will be.

So, shall we drive?

DM for lucky dip.

That's it.

That's it. Image 2 That's it. Image 3 That's it. Image 4
Solar Strawberry
The future's not ours to see
£8.00 - £18.00
Beside the norm is besides the point.
14/365 2019 - Stamina
Time's a changing
Strawberry Milkshake
Public Peace
Sobering Celebrations
£7.50 - £15.00
Strawberry Garden
Engine Rainbow
£5.00 - £10.00
Battling the Elements
The world is a better place wi ye in it.
Que Sera Sera
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