A pocket full of posies


A pocket full of posies
A tissue, a tissue
We all fall down

Look up the history of this nursery rhyme, it has something to do with a "Great Plague." I didn't think of death when I sung it in primary school holding hands and dancing round and round in a circle before "falling down". I've noticed the full spectrum of personalities display themselves, from denial to accept the pandemic as fact to accuse anxiety and depression because of it. Whatever colour you find yourself, you're not alone and we can dance in circles with our pockets full of posies.

(Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of you elbow when you sneeze or cough, and use soap and water as often as possible.)

I have here a printed 20x30cm photograph that will be sent in a envelope if purchased. I obviously own the original digital image so if you're interested I'll print it again in any size or on any medium.

For fun this will be printed later into the classic 2x3cm tiny print/collectors edition. Tag @louka.photos in your tiny photo exhibition for a shout out.

Appreciate ya

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